Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Fast but FUN Weekend

So it pretty much kills me living so far away from the sweet new babies that were all just born into our family.  When my mom and dad offered to let me tag along to Utah this past weekend I jumped at the opportunity.  Scarlett, Tori and I woke up early Saturday morning to travel with mom, dad and Michael over to Utah for baby Jack's blessing.

We had a such a wonderful time and it flew by in the blink of an eye. 
Saturday afternoon, we arrived in Bountiful to the Maudsley's house where my girls and I would be staying for the night.  We jumped right into taking pictures and having fun.  
Lyla was cracking me up with her silly expressions.  She is such a happy fun loving little girl.  I about died when I saw the faces she was pulling for Scarlett:
Mom and Dad never get tired of holding and entertaining the grand kids.  It's a good thing because the kiddos adore them =)
I caught this cute moment as I walked past Lyla's room.  Tori was reading Lyla some books.  Notice Lyla snuggled up in Tori's "Winnie the Pooh blanket"?  Lyla loved Tori's blanket and Tori was so sweet to share her most prized possession for a while =)
There were lots of fun baby toys to keep Scarlett entertained.  She loved Phoebe's play mat.
She loved playing under there with Phoebe even more!  Sweet Phoebe layed there peacefully as Scarlett wiggled and squirmed and grabbed onto her =)
Despite me looking bedraggled from a day of traveling, this is a pretty cute picture =)
Love my baby girl!  She was  trooper this trip.  She was definitely out of her element and that messed with her schedule a little bit, but that's OK =) 
A few weeks after my miscarriage I traveled to Utah for a much needed visit with my sisters and bro. Cindy and AJ were trying to add to their family at the time, and one afternoon as we were talking about the struggles we were both facing, Cindy said,  I just have a feeling that we will be pregnant at the same time.  Lo and behold, 2 weeks after they found out their little miracle was on the way, we found out we were expecting too! 
Tori was a great little helper on the trip.  She is getting really good at holding Scarlett.  Look how great she is supporting her head!
Tori and Lyla had all sorts of fun together.  Here they are making bracelets!
All ready to take a bath together! 

We put the babies to bed and Cindy and I headed out for a quick shopping trip. We went to Plato's Closet, one of my favorite store.  It was right around the corner from their house and had a much better selection then ours here in Colorado.  I was able to find several things I loved but settled on a cute new skirt for church .

AJ was so nice to watch the kiddos.  These two cuties didn't go to sleep, but they sure had fun playing together!

The next morning we got up bright and early to make it down to Provo in time for Jack's baby blessing.  I was so excited to finally meet Jack, and as soon as Katie and Forrest walked into church I snatched him away to give him some long overdue cuddles.  Forrest gave a wonderful, heartfelt blessing.  Jack's a lucky little guy to have such wonderful parents =)
Look at that hair!  I love it =)

This is what happens when I give my camera to Michael to take some pictures for me =) hahaha

After the blessing, Katie and Forrest were so nice to host a yummy lunch of North Carolina barbecue sandwiches for us.  It was delicious!

Scarlett loved laying under Jack's play mat too! He was so nice to share =)  

Here's a normal one of Michael!  It was so fun to travel with him.  He was so nice to give me the comfy middle seat in the van, and he was so sweet to Tori the whole way.  He told her if he got squished he would just put his legs on Tori like Katie used to always do on long car rides, lol.  He never did, and actually ended up letting Tori put her legs on him! Michael is such a great uncle and all the kids simply adore him =)

We were so excited to see the Ford cousins while we were there.  Tori had a great time playing with them!  Hopefully they will be moving to Colorado soon =)  I love how Kacianna is snuggled next to Tori.  Kaci is so soft spoken but so sweet. Her and Tori are a lot alike.  I am sure they will always have a special relationship.  
Mason and Carter were wishing that Levi had come, but they loved playing with Tori.  I love how close all of the cousins are no matter how much time passes in between visits.
I wonder what these two were thinking as they stared at each other =)

FINALLY! The photo op we had been waiting what felt like forever for.  
Poor little Jack wasn't too happy about it,  I love how it looks like Scarlett is trying to console him.

From left to right, oldest to youngest here are:
Makynzie Noel, Phoebe Anne, Scarlett Faith, and Jack Forrest.
I have a feeling they are all going yo be great buddies and mischief makers together =)
I love how Kynsie is playing with her toes, Phoebe is chilling peacefully as Scarlett tugs on her dress, Scarlett is trying to steal Jack's binky and Jack is just trying to hold it together for the picture.
We tried a different pose.  It didn't work to well.  I can only imagine what they must be thinking. They are not amused!

My sweet baby was so tired. She had such a heard time having a nap that day.

It was so fun being pregnant at the same time as my sisters.  Now if only we all lived close to each other so these sweet babies could grow up together!

After we were satisfied with the pictures we got, the Maudsleys had to head back up to Salt Lake =(  I hate saying goodbye.  These visits never last long enough, and far too much time passes in between them.

The rest of us just hung out the rest of the afternoon.  Kynsie was having some tummy time, so we put Jack and Scarlett down there with her.  Scarlett never has lasted so long on tummy time!  She had so much fun being down there with her cousins =)

The next morning before we left for home, Katie made us a yummy breakfast.  While I was helping her Tori got some cuddle time in with Jack and Scarlett

Kristalyn came over with her kids for breakfast, so we could see them one last time before we left.
The kids all had fun playing and watching cartoons. I love how Kynsie is peaking out from under the blanket.

And that wrapped up out fast bun FUN trip to Utah! It was so much fun to be there and I can't wait for our family reunion this summer.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

3 months

Today, our baby girl is 3 months old!  She has definitely made her way into all of our hearts around here!
She is such a joy, and I can't believe she's ours!

Just the past week she seems like she has gotten so much bigger!  She seems to be growing out of her bassinet =(  We will have to put the crib together soon.  I always have the hardest time transitioning my kids out of my room and into their cribs.  I love having them within arms length of me.    

She is so smiley!  We can almost always get her to smile just by talking to her (except today when I was trying to take a bunch of pictures for this post!)

She loves her baths.  She just started kicking like crazy every time I give her one, which leaves me pretty drenched afterwards =)

 I found this cute play mat for ten dollars!  She is loving laying under it and staring at the toys hanging down.  She has just started batting at things, and grabbing onto toys.  


She is getting better at tummy time!  The physical therapist said that tummy time will strengthen her neck muscles so we have been trying to do it more.  Her neck is so much better, and she will probably only need a few more physical therapy sessions!

 Scarlett is never lacking attention around here =)
 More build a bear clothes.....

 We are loving the spring weather, and decided to head to the park one day.  It was Scarlett's first park visit!  She loved laying on her blanket and kicking around.
 I attempted to paint her toenails that morning =)

Scarlett is still a great sleeper.  She will sleep for at least a six hour stretch at nights.

She loves her binky.

She eats every 2 and a half hours during the day.  I'm trying to see if she can last a little bit longer, but she has gotten in the habbit of only wanting to nurse on one side and then being finished. So then she is hungry again sooner.

She still loves to be in the moby wrap.  I now put her in it when I go grocery shopping.  It is so great!

She is constantly moving her arms and legs, usually only stopping when she is sleeping.

Her favorite way to be held when she is tired is facing me with her head nuzzled under my neck.

When she is not tired, she likes to be facing outwards so she can see everything that is going on.

During the day, when she naps, she will sleep the longest when she is in her car seat.  It's a good thing too, because it seems like we are always on the go!

I left her for the first time this past week (besides just with Brandon).  Grandma watched her so I could go help at school to finish getting some volunteer hours in.  I missed her terribly, but she was so good and slept the whole time!

She loves to look at herself in the mirror.  As soon as she sees herself she always bursts into the hugest grin! (I think she might think it's just another baby starting back at her, lol)

She is wearing 3-6 month clothes.  Some of her 0-3 month clothes still fit, but they are getting pretty snug.

We are just finishing off the rest of our size one diapers and then will move to size 2s.

She is cooing so much!

She just discovered her hands and is constantly sucking on her fists.

She spits up quite a bit.

She has the hugest burps!  I seriously don't know how they come from a baby! haha

She hates loud noises.

She doesn't really love her swing anymore.

She still has so much hair!  I am loving it so much, and loving how dark it is!  I even put it in a pony tail one day =)

I can hardly believe it has already been 3 months.  We are loving every single moment.  People ask me all the time if it was a hard adjustment having a baby again after not having one for so long, and I can honestly say that it hasn't.  For a while we thought our family was complete. We were so excited to be having another  baby, that the adjustment has been not bad at all.
 She has been such a blessing!!