Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Another Day....

Tonight after dinner I decided to head to King Soopers to get a strong cough medicine that my mom recommended for the kids. While I was there I picked up a few other groceries. I paid at the self checkout and the headed home. After bringing the groceries into the house, Levi walked up to me in the middle of one of his many coughing spells that he has been having lately. Excited to try out the new cough syrup, (yes that excites me) I proceeded to look through my bags for it. I quickly realized that it wasn't there. I looked through each bag a few more times, and then went out to the van to see if I had a left a bag behind. I did not see any so I went inside and looked at my receipt to see if it was on there. Sure enough it was along with some cough drops, hand soap, makeup, and shampoo, all of which were missing as well. So off I headed back to King Soopers. I walked into the store expecting the checker to happily say, "Oh thank goodness you came back, here's you bag!" Well it didn't happen quite like that. I walked up to the lady who was in charge of the self checkout stands, and when I realized she didn't recognize me, told her that I had left a bag behind. "ummm, I don't think so" She said, obviously not convinced. I proceeded to show her my receipt and all of things that I was missing. She said I would have to go to guest services. Thankfully the lady there was much friendlier. She said that no one had turned anything in, but to go ahead and go and get the things that I was missing. I was so relieved! I went back and got my five items and the went back up to the service desk. She looked through my receipt, and then put "paid" stickers on my items. When I got back to my van I couldn't help but be puzzled as to why no one had turned in my groceries that I had left behind. I opened up the back of my van just to look one last time. Just like before, nothing was there. But then I saw a groceries bag sticking out from under the seat. Aha! There they were. They had simply shuffled during the drive, and slid under the seat. In my defense, it was really dark outside, the lights in my car weren't on, and there was a big stroller in the back blocking my view under the seat even more. Boy did I feel silly. So back into the store I went with my bag full of "missing" items. I walked up to the nice lady, told her I must be losing it a little and apologized. She laughed sympathetically. I offered to put the items back, but I think she realized I had been through enough humiliation so she said not to worry about it. I drove back home, with my items that were never really missing, and finally was able to give my kids the cough medicine.

You would think I would be completely frazzled at this point, but I was surprisingly calm. This past week I have found myself on more then one occasion feeling very stressed and overwhelmed having to deal with a house full of sick people, while being sick myself. But tonight as I tucked my kids in, rubbed vicks on their chests, turned on the humidifier and made sure everyone was fully stocked with Kleenexes, I couldn't help but feel peaceful. Yes this has been a really hard week. I am embarrassed to admit that my kids constant coughing has a few times almost driven me insane! But I am so grateful that I get to be their mom, that I get to be here to comfort them when they are sick, that they come to me to help them to feel better. I love them so much and I would not have it any other way.

As I was writing this blog, Tori sleep walked into Levi's room thinking it was the bathroom and threw up all over his floor. Oh the joys of motherhood! =)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here's the basket of medicine that has been sitting on our counter for the past weekThere are prescriptions, cough medicines, Advil, herbal oils, vitamins and inhalers. All things that we have needed on a regular basis at our house lately, and I am so OVER it! It started last Saturday when I developed a sore throat and it has been downhill from there. We have had sore throats, stomach aches, headaches, croup, and high fevers, one after another. Just when I think things are looking up, another fever hits. Alexis has had a fever since Wednesday, Levi's finally broke today, and right before bed tonight Tori starting running one. Alexis and Levi have both had chest x-rays. Thankfully it is not pneumonia. The doctor tells us it's a bad case of the flu, which doesn't looking to be letting up any time soon.

Today, Brandon was feeling much better, and so he was so sweet to let me rest all day while he took care of the kids. I am feeling a lot better now, and hopefully I'm on the up end of it.

We are feeling so stir crazy and cooped up! The kids have a four day weekend thankfully, so we've just been able to lounge around and relax. But after a while that gets old! I told the kids that we are going on a walk around the lake so we can get some fresh air. We just have to get out of this house!

Next year we will be getting flu shots!