Monday, April 16, 2007

Here we go again....

Well we had quite a weekend. Brandon and I went out to dinner with some friends of ours. We went to Cinzettis which is about a half an hour away from our house. After we had finished eating we were just vistiting with our friends when we recieved a frantic call from Katie (who was babysitting the kids) She said that Tori had fallen and hit her head on the coffee table (no you are not having de ja vou) and that she was bleeding very badly. We hurried and got into the car and started driving home. Thinking that it possibly couldn't be that bad, we called a good friend of ours who is a Chiropractor and asked if he would go over and asses the situation. Well sure enough he said that she would deffinetley need stitches. (AGAIN!!). Well My mom hurried over there, and took her to the emergency room and I dropped of Brandon at home to stay with the other kids and met her there. Tori ended up having to get 5 stitches right under and to the side of her eye. Her poor little face is black and blue. I can't even bear to take a picture, so sorry, there is not one yet. Needless to say that coffee table has a new home (the garage) But I just have to say that I am so greatful that Katie took such great care of Tori until my mom got there. We felt so bad that she had to go through that with her, because that is so scary!! Thanks Katie! =)

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Easter morning was so much fun at our house. The girls were so excited for the Easter Bunny to come, they could hardly sleep the night before. Alexis wrote a long letter to the Easter Bunny, and was so thrilled when she saw that he had written her back. Brandon heard Alexis and Tori wake up in the middle of the night, and was so worried that they would come out of their room and see all of their Easter eggs before morning, so he hurried in there, and I found all three of them sleeping on the bottom bunk this morning. =) We had to wake up Levi this morning so he could come and see his Easter basket. He wasn't too thrilled at first, but as soon as he saw the trail of Easter Eggs going down the stairs he was so excited.

Here are the kids in their new Easter Outfits. In the middle of church, I panicked realizing I hadn't taken a picture of them in their Easter clothes. By the time we got home they were tired and hungry and it was so hard to get even one picture. This one turned out cute though..

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Tommorow at Joy School they are having a talent show. Tori was a little too nervous to sing or dance so she decided to paint a picture. (She loves to paint) She had so much fun. she even painted both of her hands and made hand prints. She is so excited to show it to all of her Joy School friends. I almost have her talked into reading her favorite book, "That's Not My Fairy" as an additional talent. She knows all of the words, and is so cute when she "reads" it.
Levi was so excited when I gave him his own paper and paints to paint with. It was his first time painting and he had a blast. By the time he was done, that wall you see behind him was , lets just say, no longer white. haha