Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Sweet Tori

I just had to sit down and write a story about our sweet little Tori. She has always been so kindhearted and giving. That was just proven more today. She went to her little preschool friend, Ryan's birthday party. At the party they went on a "dinosaur hunt", and got a lot of "dinosaur eggs" filled with candy and other little goodies. She had two bags full of yummy treats, little dinosaurs, and some jewelry. The whole way home she showed me everything in her bag. She then went on to show me all of the things that she was going to give to Alexis and Levi. When we got home she ran straight upstairs and gave them several of her items in her bag. She then came down and gave both Brandon and I a candy bar as well. I said, "Oh Tori you don't have to give us anything. This is your stuff". As cute as ever she said, "It's ok Mom, I have plenty." When she was done sharing all she had left was a few little dinosaurs, one box of nerds, and a little hair thing. She wasn't upset at all! She was so happy to share, and I was so proud of her. Another cute story showing how sweet she is happened a few days ago. Levi and her were coloring in the kitchen. Tori suddenly came running in frantically, telling me that Levi had colored all over the wall. I ran in, and this is what I saw:
I started to go and get a washcloth to clean it up. (after putting Levi on timeout. It was the second time that happened that day. The first time it was all over the floor and door. You think I would have learned my lesson and not let him color anymore, but I totally thought he wouldn't do it again!) As I was getting the washcloth wet Tori said, "Mom, I will clean it for you", and that she did! She cleaned the whole wall all by herself.
Tori has such a tender heart and is always thinking of others. =)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Best Buddies

This past week we got to watch Mason a few times. It is so much fun to watch Mason and Levi play, and to see such a cute little friendship developing. I was in the kitchen doing something and they were in the front room watching Diego. When I walked in they were sitting on the little couch, Levi had his arm around Mason, and they were very into their show. I thought it was so adorable. I ran and grabbed my camera so I could catch it. I had to get a picture from behind. Mason was so cute just leaning on Levi's arm.
While I was getting Alexis and Tori ready for bed, Levi and Mason were playing in Levi's room. When I walked in they were reading books together.
I told Levi it was time for bed, and Mason ran right up and hopped in first. Levi thought that was great. He squished in next to him.

Mason helped me put Levi to bed and then he came downstairs with me to watch Monsters Ink while we waited for Kristalyn. I am so glad that Mason and Levi are such good little buddies. I know they always will be!

Valentines Day Pictures

I know it is a little past Valentines day, but I wanted to post some cute pictures of the kids opening their presents from Brandon and I. Here they are bright and early in the morning. Alexis still looks a little dazed. (notice all the Girl Scout cookies in the background? I have been working hard at being the cookie mom for Alexis's Brownie troop. It actually has been not too bad, but we have had cookies coming out of our eyeballs!)
Here are Alexis and Tori with their new Valentines shirts. They love getting new clothes. They got earrings and lip gloss too. Such girls! Here is Levi with his little stuffed Diego, his recent obsession.
Valentines night we just spent at home with the kids. We got a heart shaped pizza from papa murphys, and watched a movie together. It was great! Just a little side note, Alexis got very into addressing her valentines this year for her friends at school. She picked out one especially for this little boy named, Joseph in her class. She was very excited to give it to him. I thought this was cute. That is until she picked out a sticker with lips on it to include in it because she said she wants to kiss him! Brandon overheard this conversation, and quickly came in to inform her that she wasn't allowed to kiss any boys until she was 18. haha

Monday, February 18, 2008

Missing in action

I just wanted to write a quick little blog to let everyone know I am still here! I have hit kind of a blog lull, but I promise to try and be better! We have reached kind of a crossroads in our life and we have been praying and contemplating different roads to take. The decision that we have made, is that Brandon is going to go back to school. After years of unstable jobs and income, we feel this is the best solution to provide a secure future for our family. This has been a very hard decision to make, as it will require a lot of sacrifice, but we know it is the best decision for our family. Stay tuned for more details to come. =)