Sunday, June 24, 2007

Slip 'n Slides are NOT just for kids =)

Many of you know that we recently moved, and we now have a back yard!! We love it so much and our kids are having so much fun being able to go outside and play whenever they want. We bought them a swingset, and Brandon came up with the idea that we should get a slip 'n slide, and put it at the bottom of the swingset slide so the kids can go down the slide, and directly onto the slip 'n slide (our backyard has a hill, so that makes it even more perfect) So we went and got them one, and we set it up. Alexis was loving it from the start. Tori, needed a little coaxing, and Levi wouldn't go within 10 feet of it. (In the picture of him below I had just asked him if he wanted to go on it. If you look closley you can tell that he is saying no haha) Well it was a very hot day outside, and with no air conditioning that water was looking pretty good to me, so I decided to give it a try clothes and all. It was so much fun! I fianlly talked Brandon into doing it too. Brandon and I joked that our kids have 2 "big kids" for parents =) I guess all the annoying comments from people such as "you can't have kids you are just a kid yourself!" have a little teensy weensy itty bit of truth to them =)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Casa Bonita

Tonight we went to Casa Bonita with Brandon's sister, brother, parents and their families. Now Casa Bonita is known for having the worst Mexican food in Colorado, so I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually thought it was pretty good! It was not the best mexican food I have ever tasted, but it was not the worst either. I also remember going there several times growing up, and having to wait in a huge line that winded around and around. Maybe everyone else has heard the rumor about the bad mexican food too, because we got right in! All in all I have to say that is was a very fun evening, and we definetley will be taking the kids back again. It was so fun to take them through the cave that I remember so well as a child, and to see the divers dive off the cliff, and watch my kids eyes get so big with amazement. It brought back some fun memeories. As I am sitting here typing this my stomach is starting to feel a little queasy... hmmmm maybe the food wasn't that great after all

Fun at the Zoo

Yesterday Summer, Tisha and I took our kids to the zoo. It was a crazy fun filled day, and at times we joked that it felt like we were on a field trip with all the kids we were trying to coralle. There were 9 kids in all. It was well worth the madness, just to see my kids faces light up everytime they saw a new animal. Levi in particular was very excited about everything. I could hardly pry him away from each animal to move on to the next one. By the end of the day we were exhausted and ready to go. I got totally lost on the way home, because I was following Tisha and we got totally seperated from eachother, It was a stressful few moments, but needless to say, we found our way home. Today the plan was just to stay home and recover from our crazy funfilled week, but I just got a call from Summer saying that everyone wants to go to Casabonita so off we go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun with Cousins

Brandon's sister Summer has been in town this past week with her four kids so we have had a lot of fun. We had Tallyn and Maddy spend the night one night. Other then a few quarrels, they had a blast, and were very excited to get to sleep on the big blow up mattress in the front room, and watch Pippi Longstocking before bed. I couldn't resiste snapping a picture. I couldn't believe that they could all fit comfortably on this mattress.

Sneaky Partners in Crime

So...I bought some cute little fake tattoos for Alexis's Birthday Party. And the night of the party, I was upstairs working, and Brandon comes up with a smile on his face and says.. " You will never guess what the kids did" I knew it couldn't be too bad since he was smiling. He then told me that he found all three of them in the bathroom with the bag of tattos applying them all over themselves. (I am sure that Alexis helped with Levi's) I told him he better run down and get a picture. Anyone who has ever put on a fake tatto before knows that they don't come off too easily. So you can imagine how wonderful they looked when we took them to the water park the next day. Look at how Levi is Looking up to his sisters in this picture. He will do just about anything they say. =)

Monday, June 4, 2007


Since Kristalyn and Brandon's Birthday is on the same day, we decided to have a joint little Birthday Barbecue for them. It was our first littlet get together in our new place, and it was a lot of fun. Levi Loved the Cake as you can see. He rubbed it all over his face, and then ran wildly for the family room. I caught him just in time haha. After wards Brandon and David went out back in the field behind our house to try out his metal detector. They found some cool things. They were out there for a long time. One interesting thing that they found was an old record player buried about a foot underneath the ground. While they were out there, Kristalyn and I played with the kids in the back yard. They had so much fun riding down the hill on their little Trikes. My Mom and Dad, and Katie and Michael were there too. Mom and Dad had to leave for a while to go to ice cream though. We wish that Cindy and AJ and Daniel were there too=( We can't wait for July!!

We went out to dinner a few days before Brandon's Birthday with his parents and Brother, Jeremy, and sister in law Tisha. He has been wanting a metal detector for as long as I can remember. His mom surprised him with one, and as you can see, he was thrilled =)LOL. It was fun to have a night out. After dinner we went to the park to try it out. The only thing we found was a pop top, but we are not giving up!

Kindergarten Graduation

Alexis Graduated from Kindergarten last week! They cramed us all in the Library so Brandon and I had to stand on the side, and our poor parents had to crane their necks in the back to see.

Alexis got to go to the front and tell what her favorite part of Kindergarten was. She of course said Recess. Then she got to tell everyone what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said she wanted to be a mom and a teacher. She was the only one that said she wanted to be a mom =).
Here is a picture of Alexis on the Cirlce rug in her Classroom. And below, she is standing with her best friend from her class, Christy. They couldn't stop giving eachother hugs goodbye. Alexis is sure going to miss her next year, since we moved and she will be going to a new school.

Here is Alexis with her Teacher Mrs. Sexton. She was such a wonderful teacher and Alexis is going to miss her a lot. The day after graduation, Alexis was sooo sad, because she was so sad that Kindergarten was over.

Tori's Joy School Graduation

Tori had her Joy School Graduation last week. She was so cute as you can see =) They sang a few songs, and got a Joy school Diploma and report Card. You can't read it very well, but she wrote her na,e all by herself on the nabber that they made for graduation. I was so proud, I had to take a picture. She had so much fun in Joy School and met so many great new freinds. She was happy to discover that most of them were in her new Sunbeam class at church

Mother's Day

All of my past Mother's Days have been pretty much just like normal days, so I was very happily surpised when I was woken up by Brandon and th kids with Breakfast in bed. Notice how some of the pancakes spell Mom? =)