Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Idaho Ballroom Academy

Shortly after we moved here Alexis came home from school talking about how all of her friends were in ballroom dancing and she really wanted to do it. I admit I was a bit taken aback at first. I even had to clarify with her to make sure I heard her right, and asked if she maybe had heard them wrong. I have since come to find out that ballroom dancing is a big thing here, and everybody does it. A few days later a friend from church sent me a link to signups for pee wee ballroom, which is for 1st-4th graders. Tori was on board right away. Levi on the other hand, was adamantly against it. I didn't push the issue too much, seeing that I still wasn't completely sold on the idea myself. I tried to see if I could get Alexis into a class, but her age group had already started, so she will have to wait for Summer to start. Anyways, a few weeks later I got an email with class lists, and requests for more boys. I noticed that Levi's good friend from school was on the list and mentioned it to Levi. He surprised me by quickly agreeing to give it a try! So for the past few months they have been taking ballroom dancing lessons. I have to say, it is the cutest thing ever. They teach it in such a fun way, and the kids have so much fun! This past Saturday was their spring performance. It was held at the local high school. There were  several hundred dancers and around 50 performances. There were kids ranging from 1st grade, all the way through 12th grade. It was so much fun to see the different age groups and how good everyone was. They did all sorts of styles of dancing. For the peewee dancers they did movie themes for their dances. Tori's was Star Wars, and Levi's was the Lone Ranger. Tori and Levi's dances were very basic, just using a few of the different steps that they learned. Here they are in their costumes before the show
A few weeks before the show Tori said, "mom, you told me that I was going to be wearing a big beautiful ballgown, not playing Princess Lea!" LOL, she ended up really liking the costume, and if she sticks with it, she'll be wearing those ballgowns in no time =).

Here are a few friends Tori made from her group.

My cute Lone Ranger

Here is Levi with his two good buddies from school. They are twins, and people are always mistaking the three of them for triplets, which he loves =)

The end pose. (a little blurry)

Tori's end pose. She was thrilled that they got to use light sabers. 

Yesterday I received a text from a neighbor asking if I knew that Tori was in the paper! Apparently the local paper did a story about the performance and Tori's group was used for one of the pictures. Our friends brought us a copy so we could have one. Tori was thrilled, and has already cut it out and put it in her journal.

I giggled all through Levi's. It was so cute to see them up there running around trying to remember everything. You can see a few of them pulling each other along, and  looking around at everyone else to make sure they are doing it right. It was so cute I can hardly stand it. I know I am being a biased mom, but I don't care =)  I wish the videos has turned out clearer. I'm not sure why they didn't but hopefully you can still tell which ones are Levi and Tori.

And here are pictures of their groups:

It was a great experience and I'm so glad Tori and Levi were able to participate. After seeing the performances Alexis is more excited than ever to get started too =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This and That

We are slowly adjusting to Rexburg livng. It has been pretty frigid outside for the most part, but for the past few weeks it has started to warm up, and we are seeing signs of spring! The snow has all melted, and we finally were able to see our yard. Brandon set up the trampoline in the back yard, and that has been well used for the past week or so. The kids are adjusting SO WELL to their new schools. I couldn't have asked for a better adjustment for them, and I know it was truly an answer to many prayers. They have all met some great friends so far. I love how all the kids in our ward live right down the road. There is no planning play dates. Everyone just walks a few houses down, and knocks on the door to see if anyone wants to play. That has been something new for us, but the kids are loving it, and I am loving that there are so many good lds kids around. I worried the most about Alexis, seeing that she was the oldest. But she has actually had the easiest transition. There is a group of 6 girls in her Beehive class, and they have taken her under their wing, and it's like they have been friends for years.  Tori and Levi have made great friends too. I know that Heavenly Father knew how worried I was about our kids, and I know he led us to this house in this neighborhood, in the ward for a reason. For that I am so greatful.

Brandon is adjusting to school well. He is really loving the atmosphere on campus, and has enjoyed his classes a lot. I am so proud of him for working so hard and jumping in with two feet. There have been a few discouraging moments for him as he has learned to adjust to being a full time student, but he is doing great, and has all A's and B's.  I am doing okay with my online classes. I am taking Anatomy and Physiology, and that is so hard! I am really struggling to understand it, and am counting down until it is over! Online classes can be tough, because you have to find time to teach yourself everything. I am doing okay, though, and after this semester will have 34 credits under my belt =)

I have really enjoyed not being so busy and always on the go. It has been fun to be at home with this little sweetie, and actually have time for things like playgroup, and story time.

Here are some random pictures I have taken over the past few months:

We just started potty training Scarlett. I'm not too serious about it yet. I do think she looks so cute on her Minnie Mouse potty chair though; and you can tell by her "audience" in the first picture, that everyone is getting in on the excitement as well =)

Levi had his first Blue and Gold Banquet last month. Everyone was supposed to bring either a Scout themed cake, or a western themed cake. After spending way too much time on pinterest trying to figure out something simple to do, we finally opted for a scout themed kit kat cake. It was a hit and was gobbled up in a flash!

Levi was awarded his Bobcat award that night, and i got to go up for him to pin the "mother's pin" on me. Having a little scout is so much fun. He absolutely loves going to cub scouts each week, and I love that it is at a lady in our ward's house, that is right down the road, so he can ride his bike =)

Scarlett turned TWO! Which I will document in more detail in a coming post.

We took a fun little getaway to Utah over President's day week to spend some time with Cindy and Katie and their families. It was much needed, and we had so much fun! That also deserves a post all of it's own =)

Like I said, it was pretty freezing for a while, and we had a TON of snow. The kids had alot of fun playing out in it though, and were such good sports to bring Scarlett along. Alexis still holds the record for being able to stay out the longest though. I just realized I didn't get a picture, but long after everyone else had come inside I couldn't find her anywhere. I looked out the back window and there she was, still going strong, building an igloo =)

Tori has gotten to let her creative juices flow quite a bit lately. Several little girls in the neighborhood love coming by to play because Tori always takes them down to the office and makes fun crafts with them. She has made aprons, puppets, pupet theaters, pictures frames, and much more. About a month ago, her and I went to a local craft fair for a little mother-daughter date. She bought this cute handmade "cozy critter" which was just a heating pack made to look like a bunny. She had her mind set that she wanted to make one of her own, so when we got home we made one for her to give Scarlett for her birthday. 

Shehas been loving helping me in the kitchen lately too. Her latest obsession is bell peppers (no complaints here!)  She invented a "pepper salad" which she has made quite a few times. Her favorite part is chopping up all of the peppers.

She thought up the idea for Scarlett's birthday cake and had so much fun using fondant. She did it all by herself, and it turned out so cute!

Scarlett discovered my makeup drawer was just her height, and had quite a blast with the eye shadow the other day =)

I'm so grateful for my three big helpers. Scarlett adores each one of them so much!

 So there you have it! A little update on the happenings in our lives. We still miss all of our friends and family in Colorado, terribly, but I am so glad to be over the initial adjustment period. Things are finally feeling more familiar and routine. I still can't believe we live in Rexburg, but I think good things are going to happen for us while we are here =)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

You're never too old for a tea party....

....and we have been having quite a few around here! Scarlett absolutely loves having tea parties, and because she has managed to wrap each of us around her little finger, we are all happy to oblige!

It's always more fun when all the stuffed animals come along!

What fun big sisters!

Levi stayed off to the side and "observed" for the most part, but then decided that he wanted in on the fun. As long as he could bring his own blanket that is =)

I was doing laundry one night when  I heard Brandon and Scarlett playing in her room. I peeked in and my heart melted at the site!

The invited the dolls along as well!

Tea parties have become a daily occurance since Scarlett recieved a Minnie Mouse tea set for her birthday. She especially loves having tea parties with Tori because she makes real yummy snacks and drinks, as opposed to pretend ones =)

Her favorite thing to do is pour the "tea" in the cups

We sure love our little lady! =)