Monday, March 26, 2007

Family Update

Well I thought that I would just give a little update on our life at this time. Brandon just recently started a new job working as an outside salesman for US Building Supplies. He loves it so far, and is excited to get out there and start picking up new accounts once his training is finished. I am still staying home with the kids and they are definitely keeping me on my toes. I work from home part time mostly in the evenings for a company called Alpine Access. I take airline reservations, and I am really enjoying it. It is so nice to finally find something that I can do from home. Alexis is loving Kindergarten. She is learning how to read, and amazes us everyday. She loves to write stories and write us letters all by herself. She recently started playing soccer through Colorado Rush, and taking Karate.(I tried to talk her into to dance, but dad was more convincing) She has so much energy! She loves watching Harry potter with daddy, and knows about as much about it as him. Tori is 3 1/2 and growing up more and more every day. She loves to read little books, and notices the little details in everything around her. She goes to Joy School twice a week, and loves it. All the boys have a little crush on her, and she thinks that is just great! She is going to be starting ballet in a few months, and is very excited about that. She has become quite mischievous lately and we have had to watch her extra closely. One of her most recent little acts was painting the side of the bath tub with red nail polish..woops! That wasn't too fun to have to clean up, but she cleaned it all by herself with a little help from Alexis at the end. Levi is such a little sweetheart. He is our biggest cuddler yet, and loves to snuggle. He is definitely all boy, and loves, balls and trucks. He has recently become fascinated with making fake burping noises, and then erupting into a fit of giggles. He loves to make his dinosaurs roar and his cars vroom! He is saying a lot of new words, with some of his favorites being uh oh!, and poopy! Well that's enough for now. I just ran down to check on everyone, and in the time that I have been writing this Levi got into the garbage, unrolled a whole role of paper towels, spread all of our DVD's all over the family room, and the girls got into the paint! Back to my crazy life I go......

We seem to have had a lot of sickness this winter at our house. Levi had a horrible cough that seemed to last forever. At one point his doctor sent us home with a nebulizer. He was so cute. Whenever we had to give him a breathing treatment he would just lay there on the beanbag and hold it over his nose. It really helped him a lot too.

The boys got matching pajamas from Grandma Barker for Christmas. Whenever we know we are going too see eachother we make sure to bring them for them to wear. Aren't they cute? They love eachother so much and getting to be the best of friends already =)

Girls and their shoes.........

I took the girls shoe shopping, and they each got 3 new pairs. That night they decided to display ALL of their shoes on the stairs.(there are a few of Brandon's and mine mixed in there) when they proudly called us in there I began to wonder...did we really need to go shoe shopping after all?

Alexis is always wanting to use my camera. This was one of those times. She did a pretty good job though!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Poor little Tori just had her first trip to the Emergency room. Her and Alexis were taking turns pushing each other off of our big bean bag (I was unaware of this until I heard the screams) Well on Tori's turn she hit her head on the corner of our coffe table. It was very scary, and hopefully something that doesn't happen again any time soon. She was so good though, and layed there so still the whole time while she was getting the stitches. The Doctor's said that she was the best patient they ever had!

Levi has been such a climber ever since her learned to crawl. I found him up in the girls easle the other day. He thought he was so clever!

Updated pictures of the kids

Here are some recent pictures of the kids. Alexis is all dresed up and ready for Western day at school. They had a rodeo in her Kindergarten class, and she thought that was so much fun!

Tori's shirt says it all. She has become quite the Daddy's girl lately. He loves it, and is very proud that her eyes have changed and become the same color as his.

Here is Levi after a hair cut from Dad. I love that I can spike it now. He is looking like such a big boy!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We just created this bolg to record memorable happenings in our crazy life! Our family consists of Brandon (26), Diana (25 next week), Alexis (5), Victoria (we call her Tori)(3), and Levi (1).