Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Year of Crock Pot Recipes

While blog lurking, I came across this awesome blog that I thought I would share: It's a year full of crock pot recipes! I am so excited. Trying to decide what to make for dinner is one of my least favorite things to do. I am hoping this will take off a lot of the stress. Enjoy! I know I will =)

Friday, January 30, 2009

I love this little guy

It is no secret that Levi has me wrapped around his little finger. It's been that way since he was born. I did everything totally different with him then with my girls. I admit, he gets away with everything, simply because he is "my baby" I never made him cry himself to sleep, which has resulted in him still crawling in bed with us on most nights, I nursed him until he was almost 15 months old,and he had his binky until he was 3. I have to call it quits on the babying, and it starts today! He is almost 3 and a half and is no where near potty trained. In my defense, I have tried! He is seriously afraid of the toilet, and for quite some time would run away screaming whenever it was mentioned. Today, I decided (OK, I admit. I was actually Brandon who decided) enough was enough, and today was the day we would start potty training and follow through with it. So all day long, Levi has worn his big boy underwear, and after sitting on the toilet for 45 minutes, he actually went! That was a monumental moment, and there was quite a celebration afterwards. I have to confess, that I almost broke once, when I walked in to check on him, and as he sat there sad as can be, I asked him what was wrong. In the cutest saddest little voice he said, "I'm just having a hard time". I didn't give in though, and throughout the day, he only had 2 accidents. Progress has definitely been made and I think we are on our way to being diaper free, (well at least on the weekends, considering all 3 of my daycare kids are still in diapers.) So wish us luck, and any advice will be greatly appreciated =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sisters make the best friends

I just had to say happy birthday to my wonderful sister Cindy. She always writes the sweetest posts on all of our family's Birthdays so I couldn't let the day go by without writing one about her! Just wanted to let you know how special you are to us, and how much we love you and miss you. We have had so many great times, and made so many unforgettable memories. No matter how far apart we are when we all get back together it is like no time has past. Thank you for being such a wonderful Sister, and Aunt. We love you!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I know that you will probably not like the picture I chose, but I thought it was so cute, and I couldn't resist!