Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sock Hop

Last night Alexis and Brandon were able to go to the Activity Days Daddy Daughter sock hop. They had so much fun! Since I am one of the Activity Days leaders in our ward I got to help plan it, and I helped there that night. Here they are all dressed up and ready to go

When they first got there, a motorcycle was set up in the gym. The dads and daughters got to sit on it together and get their picture taken. After that they had a dinner of hamburgers, french fries and vegetables. We had a really big turn out and didn't have quite enough food, so halfway through dinner I had to make a mad dash to King Soopers to pick up more hamburger buns and ketchup. I got a few weird looks while I was there, and then I realized I probably looked pretty silly with my pants rolled up, scarf in my hair, and "Shirley" name tag on, lol. Oh well!

After dinner everyone took turns rotating through different stations. The different stations were:

  • hula hoop contest
  • dad's paint daughters finger nails
  • guess your daddy's nose and your daughter's toes
  • dance contest
  • relays
  • decorate a picture frame (which was the station our ward was in charge of). It was so much fun to see the dad's help their daughters with their frames. The dad's were really getting into it!

They ended the night with root beer floats and more dancing. It was so fun to be able to be there and see all the fun they were having. Today while I was doing Alexis's hair she said, "Last night was the best night of my life!" I'm so glad that they got the chance to have a fun night out together. Tori is counting down the days until she is in activity days so she can go =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Mine

Today some kids said some mean things to Tori and hurt her feelings =(. Brandon picked her up from school and could tell something was not quite right. When I got home I took her aside and finally got her to tell me. Anyone who knows Tori, knows she never complains and keeps things to herself a lot. It breaks my heart to see her precious feelings hurt. She cuddled up next to me and fell asleep. I had my sisters blog pulled up on the computer and this song, "Baby Mine" by Allison Krauss started playing on her play list on her blog. As I listened to the words- "baby mine don't you cry baby mine dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart never to part baby of mine...... let those eyes sparkle and shine never to cry baby of mine" It brought tears to my eyes as I looked down to my sweet little Tori curled up next to me sound asleep. Oh how my heart hurts when her heart hurts. Oh how I wish I could just scoop her up, keep her close to me forever so she doesn't have to experience the hard things in life. I am sure this is just the first of the hurt feelings and sad times that she will experience throughout her life. I am so not ready for it! There are so many joys that come with being a mother, but with joy comes the tears, and heartache as well. I hope she always knows she can come to me and I will wipe away her tears and always be there for her. I remember curling up in my mom's lap and crying when I was younger. Now my little girl is curling up in my lap. Oh how I love my precious Tori.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New Adventure

For the past year I have been saying that I am going to start my own business selling hair bows. I have made hundreds and hundreds of bows and flowers, gone over different names in my head, debated about prices, advertising, etc. I have always been my own worst critic. I didn't want to share my website or pictures until everything was just right. Well, I have realized that everything will probably never be "just right" and I will probably always find some excuse or reason to put off moving forward with this. Well recently I have had several sales, from people who have seen my girls wearing their hats, flowers, bows, headbands, etc. and asked where they got them. This has given me the confidence to follow through with what I have been trying to do for over a year. So I announce to everyone my new business- "Perfectly Placed": Handmade Hair Accessories For Your Little Girl. I have an Etsy shop which is currently under construction, but I did get my blog up and going. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. I still have a lot of work to do on it. But it's a start! Oh, and I am offering a 15% discount on all orders if you put my button on your blog or website. Here I go! Wish me luck! =)
Perfectly Placed Button.jpg">

Monday, February 8, 2010

Did I Overreact?

This morning Tori and Alexis were all ready for school, and they were sitting at the counter eating cereal for breakfast. They weren't very happy with the cereal selection so they were pouting a little. I ran upstairs to grab something, and when I came back down they looked happy as ever! "Oh did you decide you liked the cereal?" I asked. To which they replied "no, but we like the popcorn chicken!" Panic began to set in as I realized that they were eating the leftover popcorn chicken from lunch THE DAY BEFORE! It was still sitting out on the counter (which embarrassingly shows how on top of doing the dishes I am). But that aside, I was a little freaked out. I informed them that they were now probably going to get really really sick, and why would they ever think that eating old chicken was a good idea!! I admit I may have overreacted a little bit. I told them I had to go ask dad if he thought we needed to get their stomachs pumped (ok. ok, I know...MAJOR overreaction) I didn't actually think we would have to do that, but I wanted to scare them a little. (I am so mean!!!) Anyways, after talking to Brandon we decided that they better stay home just in case it did make them sick. I told them they better go back to bed and wait for the stomach aches to set in. Well to make a long story short, they were fine all day. Am I wrong in thinking that day old chicken sitting out on the counter is kind of bad to eat?? My mom and sister seemed to sympathize, but tonight I had a dad of a little girl in Tori's Daisy troop come by to pick up girl scout cookies. He said that his wife said to ask if Tori was ok, since she wasn't in school. So I told him the whole story thinking that he would sympathize as well, to which I just received a blank stare that seemed to say, 'You are weird'. I am very relieved that they are fine, but I am starting to feel silly for making such a big deal out of it....