Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tori's Spa Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Tori's spa themed birthday party.  I had so many different ideas and was worried how it would come together, but it was a huge success and everyone had a lot of fun.  Brandon was still out of town, so Charbel and Jana came to help me out (I don't know how much Brandon would have like helping give facials and paint nails anyways, lol)

Here's the welcome sign the girls saw as they arrived:

 When they got there,they each had to sign into the spa and pick up their basket filled with all of things they would need for the spa.

Here they are all ready to start!
First off they each made their own kool-aid lip loss, scented bath salts and sparkly lotion.
Charbel was such a big help.  The lip-gloss was a little more difficult then I anticipated, but she got it all figured out for us =)  They each made a grape and a cherry one.
 Next up was facials and hand scrubs!
The girls each made Charbel's recipe for a facial scrub which consisted of honey and brown sugar. 

It was an absolute hoot watching the girls rub the scrub on their faces.  They thought it felt so weird!

 Charbel washed off each girls scrub one at a time.  Even though they were a little uneasy with the process, they all loved their super soft hands and faces.
 I love their facial expressions through it all! lol
After they were all cleaned up they headed in to the manicure station.  They each got to pick out how they wanted their nails done.  We had all sorts of fun colors, and stickers to choose from. While they were waiting for their turn they each decorated their lip gloss, and lotion containers with stickers, but I forgot to get a picture of that.
While they waited for their nails to dry, they relaxed with some cucumbers on their eyes.  (some of the girls may or may not have eaten their cucumbers when they were finished, lol)

After the manicures were finished it was make-up time.  One of Tori's favorite things to do is put on make-up.  She is actually really good at it too.  We had quite the spread of make-up to choose from and the girls went to town making themselves look glamorous.  It was so funny watching them put it on.  They had the techniques of putting make-up down to a T!

Here they are all done up:
We finished the party with cake and presents, just in time for parents to arrive.

It was a whirlwind of fun and we were all exhausted by the time it was over.  It was so much fun to plan and all of the girls had a blast.  I got all of the materials at the dollar store, so that made it really inexpensive which was another plus! It was such a fun day. 

Tori turns NINE!

I found both Tori and Levi's birthday posts in my draft folder, unfinished!  I am taking advantage of this snow day to get caught up a bit. 

On September 12th, Victoria turned nine years old.  This past year flew by.  It seems like yesterday that she was getting baptized.  Tori continues to be such an important part of our family.  She is a peacemaker, she is independent, she is kind, she is stubborn, she is creative, she is helpful, she is tenderhearted, she is wonderful.  Here is an interview with Tori as she turns nine:

What is your favorite food-  Chinese
What is your favorite dessert- Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Who is your favorite singer- Cimorelli
What is your favorite song(s)- Pay Phone
Who is your best friend- Julie
What is your favorite color?- Turquoise
What is your favorite thing to do?- Paint
What is your favorite thing to do with your family? Spend time with them
What do you want to be when you grown up?- Artist
What is your favorite subject in school- Science
What is your favorite T.V. Show- Good Luck Charlie
What is your favorite fruit- Pomegranate
What is your favorite outfit- Dresses
Favorite Holiday- Christmas
Favorite Game- Build a Bear Online
Favorite Drink- Pink Lemonade
Favorite Book- Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Dog Days
Favorite Toy- Legos
What makes you happy- My Family
What makes you sad- Being alone
Favorite scripture story- Daniel and the Lions Den
If you could meet someone famous who would it be? Cimorelli
What makes you scared- The room being really dark
What are you looking forward to most about being 9- That I get to do more stuff then last year

The weekend before Tori's birthday we went over to Brandon's parent's house for a barbecue because  Brandon's grandparents were visiting. Since Brandon was going to be out of town on Tori's actual birthday, we decided to have an early birthday party for her that day as well.



I love how it looks like Brandon is trying to "help" in this picture =)
Here are some pictures from Tori's actual birthday:


 Tori had been wanting a Pogo stick for quite some time.  She was thrilled to get one and worked hard to perfect jumping on it.  It was harder then she anticipated, and she was a bit disappointed that she couldn't just jump on on and start bouncing.  It took a lot of tries and perseverance, but she finally got the hang of it and was a pro in no time. 
 Since daddy was out of town, grandma invited us over to her house that night.  She made one of Tori's favorite meals, chicken wings and salad.  Great grandpa, Emmy, Daniel, Charbel and Benji, and of course Michael and grandpa, were also there to help us celebrate.

 Tori's always so excited and grateful about everything she receives

 I can't believe how little Scarlett looks in this picture, or how old Michael looks!
 When we got ready to leave Benji hopped right up in the car with us.  He totally thought he was coming home with us =)
We had a great day celebrating Tori.  She is such a special girl and we love her so much!
Next up:  Spa birthday party details!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Birthday Pictures

Our kids were so excited for Scarlett's birthday.  They made sure we kept up with all the usual traditions.
Birthday table:
Homemade cake by mom:
(don't laugh)
Traditional morning picture at the birthday table:
(She was a little confused)
 But quickly warmed up to the idea.
 Scarlett is so loved by all of her siblings.  They were so excited for her birthday and wanted to help make it special.

Everyone (including daddy) wanted her to open all of her presents first thing.  I was able to force, convince everyone to have her only open one present, and save the rest for her party.
I thought she would love this electronic toy phone, that I found, but it was a bit of a disappointment.  It doesn't change volumes and is so soft you can hardly hear it.  She lost interest fast =(
She loved opening a present though =)

After Brandon and the kids left for school, I got Scarlett dressed in the birthday outfit Nana bought her, and attempted to take some pictures.  She was till pretty sick and suffering from her double ear infection, so it was quite the task to get some good pictures.  By the end she was so done with it (as you can tell by the last picture) (I just noticed Levi in that picture.  I forgot, that he was home sick that day).
 That night we had a family party.  We had her favorite foods, spaghetti and bread sticks. 
Then it was cake time!  Alexis was really disappointed that Scarlett didn't get a huge cake all to herself.  But I thought with her being sick, a little one would be best =)

 I think she enjoyed it just fine....

 We finished off with opening presents.  She got some fun new toys to play with.  The big kids enjoyed them too, and have been playing with them all week =)
We love our little Scarly Scar.  Even though she was under the weather her first birthday was a success!