Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Singing in the Car

I just had to sit down for a sec and write about something funny that happened in the car today. I had just picked Tori up from preschool and I was asking her what they did today. She told me that they were learining cowboy songs for cowboy day. I told her that I remembered when Alexis has cowboy day and I told her a little bit about it. I then remembered one of the songs that Alexis had learned and began to sing it to Tori. That happened to be one of the ones that they had started learning, so she began to correct me when I sang it wrong and so forth. Well after a few minutes of me singing the song, she said, "Mommy, does your mouth hurt?", and I said, "no, why?", she then said, "well maybe you should stop singing if it does", I was a little puzzled at first, but then I realized that she was just trying to think of a polite way to ask me to stop singing! I thought it was so hilarious, and I had to share it with you all. Tori cracks me up more everyday, and I am sure everyone who knows her can just imagine her little voice saying that, lol =)