Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tori Lately

May is always such a busy month of the year filled with a lot of end of the year activities. Tori had her share of fun events. First, her preschool put on an adorable Mother's day program. They sang some really cute songs, and made some priceless gifts for the moms. They each took a turn telling everyone what they loved to do with their mom the most. When it was Tori's turn she said that she loves planting flowers with me. We have only done that once, but she must have loved it! The next week I went and bought some flowers for us to plant =) Here are a few cute pictures from that program.

The next big event of May for Tori was her Spring dance recital. It is so fun to see her at each of her recitals, and to notice her turning into more of a little dancer every day. Here are a few of our favorite pictures. The lighting isn't very good for picture taking in the dance room, but she still looks so cute. Brandon really wanted to get a picture just of her feet.I love this action shot of her leaping.Her favorite song to dance to was "Singing in the rain", because they got to use umbrellas =)Now on to event number 3, Tori's preschool graduation! Tori is finally done with preschool. It feels like she has been in preschool forever, and she is very excited to start Kindergarten next year. She loved her preschool class this year. I wasn't able to go to her graduation program =(
but Brandon got a lot of really cute pictures.Tori loved her teacher, Mrs. Karin so much. The day after her graduation she came upstairs to me crying. She said, "I miss Miss Karin" It was so sweet. Hopefully she will love her kindergarten teacher just as much. =)Here are just some other random pictures I have been wanting to post of Tori. Painting is one of her favorite things to do. Lately she has loved painting outside on her easel.
Our cat, Sarah loves to sleep with Tori. No matter where she is sleeping you can always find Sarah right there next to her. There have been times when Tori has climbed into bed with us at night. A few minutes later, Sarah always ends up in there with us too. The other night we found Tori asleep on the stairs. Sure enough, there was Sarah curled up right next to her =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Field Day

Another field day has come and gone. This year Alexis's class named themselves "The Fearless Tigers". They had bright orange shirts and tiger print bandannas. It was so much fun to go and see Alexis interact with her classmates and see her having such a fun time. The theme for field day, was "Survivor" just like last year. They had some fun unique events. The first one was in a little kiddie pool. They had to pick up as many marbles with their feet as they could. I love this picture of Alexis. She had so much fun. You can see it on her face =)

A new event this year was the limbo. Everyone in her class thought Alexis was going to win for sure since she is the shortest, but poor little thing, she bumped her head on the first round! She was such a good sport though.
Here's the event where they had to see who could stand on a can the longest. Every few minutes they would tell the kids to stand on one leg. Last year Alexis fell off right away, so she was determined to make it longer this time. She lasted a few more seconds this year =)The favorite event of the day was the three legged race. Alexis raced with her friend Kelsie. (They kind of have a love hate relationship. Today they were the best of friends lol) Brandon gave them some tips before it started, and it payed off. They won second!

Afterwards they let the kids race with their parents. Brandon and Alexis had fun doing it. Brandon didn't get to come last year, so he was so glad he could make it this year. He got really into all of the events and ended up making friends with some of the other dads. (he has always been much more social then I am!)

The kids thought it would be fun to see how many people they could get hooked together. It was pretty humorous watching them all.
Here are Alexis and Kelsie again.
Here is Alexis and her other good friend, Kira. It was a fun, (tiring) day. They weather was perfect. It was really warm, but breezy at the same time. I am glad that we were able to survive another field day. =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Food Storage

Food storage has been something that is always on my mind and quite honestly it haunts me! It is so overwhelming to think about how much food I need to buy in order to have adequate storage.It seems like when it comes time to buy groceries, I always seem to just have the money to buy the food we need to eat now, not to put towards our food storage. I have been pretty good about stocking up on water, but that's about it! I was reading my friend, Celeste's blog about her similar thoughts to mine on food storage, and it totally inspired me. So I made my menu for a 3 month supply of food. I chose 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners and multiplied it by 12. I then wrote down all of the items we need for each meal. Then I put little boxes next to each item that I can check off once I purchase it. (I love checking things off lists!) I am happy to report that last night when I did my grocery shopping I was able to buy a 3 month supply of spaghetti sauce and spaghetti noddles.

I was so excited to cross those items off of my list. I have also decided to label each item I get with stickers that show the dates that I bought things, so I can rotate properly. I feel such a sense of accomplishment! I know that we have a long ways to go to have our complete 3 months supply, but I know that if I buy things little by little we will get there! I was so grateful for Celeste's post on this, so hopefully someone can be inspired by mine as well. =)