Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alexis's Field Day

Friday was Alexis's field day. It was so much fun to go and see her compete in all of the different events, and watch her interactions with her classmates. Each class is supposed to have a shirt that they can each wear. Since I am the room parent, I was in charge of doing that. We have a really fun place here called "My Art Workshop" The owner happens to have kids at Normandy so she offered to come in and tie-dye shirts with the kids at a great price. The theme for this year's field day was "Proud to be American" so we dyed them red white and blue. It was so much fun for the kids. I mostly got videos because Brandon had to stay home with Tori who was sick and he really wanted to see her do everything. Here are a few pictures that I got.

Here are Alexis and her good friend Joy waiting for the three legged race to start. I had to snap a picture as I stood behind them, because the height difference is too funny.

Here is Alexis and her teacher Mrs. Haramy. She has been a really good teacher for Alexis this year and we will miss her.

Here's a class picture. There was such a great group of kids this year. It was fun to watch what great sports they were as they competed in all of the events. They cheered everyone on, and were so nice to each other.

I had to post one video, the jump rope contest. Let me just tell you how nervous I was for Alexis to compete in this event. She has been practicing jump roping for the past month in anticipation for this event. The point is to be the last one to jumping. I was glad that this was the first event so that we could get it over with. She was so afraid that she would mess up on the first jump. As I watched from the sidelines as she practiced beforehand,I could tell that she was really nervous. I was just hoping that she would at least make a few jumps so she could feel good about it, and not feel bad. Well she did more then a few jumps! She jumped better then she ever has! It was so fun to watch. It was down to her and one other girl. Alexis got second, but couldn't have been happier!